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Jihad Watch – Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflicts

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Religious freedom is killing free speech in the UK. There is no adult public discourse in the media any more about God, spirituality and the role of religious faith in the world. Even if debates were to take place they would be rigged to be anodyne nonsense that would never address the real issues. Robert Spencer is an academic who never advocates violence but merely exposes the deceptions and sophistry of those who believe religious faith, and especially Islam, should be inviolable and immune from criticism. I am a senior citizen representing centuries of profound philosophy from freethinkers and feminist theologians who may well believe in God but regard religious faith as adolescent superstition. I want to live in a democracy but the UK, like the USA, is rapidly turning into a theocracy. How dare anyone tell me I dont have the right to read a serious academic's analysis of Islam. This may be a platitude but the UK establishment and the Church of England (that has encouraged Islam) are Big Brother. If Jihad Watch is banned - it will be absolute proof Britain has become a country dying from religious fascism.

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