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Core Volunteers

  • Alex Hopson
  • John Elliott
  • Matt Killock
  • Evelyn Snow
  • Gareth Llewellyn
  • Daniel Ramsay
  • Vasilis Ververis

Helped by

  • Lewis Cowper
  • Ryan Dewhurst
  • Stuart Grimshaw
  • Andrew Martin
  • Michael Mokrysz
  • Dan Powell
  • Bernard Tyers
  • thedailyplanet

ORG Staff

  • Ed Johnson-Williams
  • Jim Killock
  • Lee Maguire

Former ORG Staff

  • Ruth Coustick-Deal
  • Pam Cowburn
  • Richard King

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ORG's team of technical volunteers write software and build systems to advance the cause of digital rights in the UK. Click here to join us.

Our sponsors

Andrews and Arnold

A&A provide top quality leading edge telecommunications solutions for technical and professional customers. The company was formed in 1997 and has grown over the years into the thriving company it is now. They have two offices in Bracknell as well as equipment racks in many UK data centres. Andrews & Arnold pride themselves on a high level of technical competence within their support team. They have a policy of no bullsh*t and will not fob you off with a convenient but unhelpful answer. Technical expertise is at the core of the company - with the director taking an active part in all aspects of the company's systems and R&D. They welcome your feedback on any aspect of our support and services.

Andrews & Arnold Internet service (called AAISP) was launched in 1998, and provided dialup ISDN and analogue with fixed IP and SMTP mail delivery. Now AAISP provides a range of services including a premium business Broadband permanent internet connection with fixed IPv4 and IPv6.

They aim to be at the leading edge of technology, taking part in advance trials of services wherever possible. They have their own research and development team allowing them to use leading edge custom manufactured routers and equipment as part of their services. These offer unique features such as a constant quality monitoring system for broadband customers.

Special thanks to Alex Bloor and Paul Lettington for their help on this project.

Bytemark Hosting

Bytemark Hosting has been the "geek hosting outfit of choice" for UK hosting since 2002, because it's run by a programmer (Matthew Bloch) and network engineer (Peter Taphouse). They have built it from scratch with a goal of technical excellence, writing most of their own software and tools to run the business exactly the way they want. With a staff of software engineers, they are continuing on that trajectory. Their hosting spans £10 per month servers to multi-site managed projects with high uptime guarantees.

Bytemark have two datacentres, in York and Manchester, linked by a 10GBps national network, spanning London, Leeds and Scotland. This is overprovisioned compared to similarly-sized hosts, but with a goal of being robust in the face of random disconnections or abuse.

Bytemark run a comprehensive managed hosting service, and have host for big national brands like ASDA & Carling.com, government departments such as the Cabinet Office and the Department of Health, and hi-tech businesses such as Britain's largest mystery shopping company, Retail Eyes. They also have loan comparison companies, property search sites, car hire companies and thousands of smaller web developers who trust their clients to Bytemark's solid infrastructure and understanding of their software.

Thanks as ever to Tim Dobson for his continued support.

Supported by

Andrews and Arnold Ltd  :Bytemark Hosting  Top10VPN

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