Open Rights Group

Get involved

Spread the word

We're really interested in hearing compelling stories about censored sites. If you're a site owner or you've been prevented from accessing important information, please tell us about it. We want as many people as possible to blog, tweet, post and comment about filtering and how it affects them.  When you hear your friends complaining about site blocking or discussing censorship, please send them to this site.

Write to your MP

Please write to your MP and tell them that you are concerned about the censorship caused by filters. Better still meet them in person. 


The Blocked project relies on a brilliant group of technical and non-technical volunteers. We are always looking for new people to join the team. Scroll down for more information about the kind of help and support we need. We also have a list of cool features we'd like to add in future. Feel free to browse, and if you have any questions, shout up on our mailing list.

Join ORG

By joining the Open Rights Group (ORG), you can help us to continue to provide Blocked for free. We also have local ORG groups where you can get together with like-minded people in your area, discuss the issues and take action.


The project teams hang out in #orgtechvols on where we hold weekly meetings. See our wiki for logs of past meetings and details of the next one. Feel free to drop by and hang out or say hello.

Mailing list

All facets of the project are discussed on the ORG technical volunteers list. Please join if you would like to get involved in this project.


You can see, comment on, and contribute to our work-in-progress through our github repositories. Issues and pull requests welcome!


The Censorship Monitoring Project category on the ORG wiki links to the current Blocked project documentation. Please apply for a wiki account if you want to edit anything.

We need your help

Software development

We have plenty of ideas for features to add to our web back-end, database and API, and we're also producing libraries in various languages to help others build on our work. If you have PHP skills you can help improve our API. We also have a Java library in progress if that's more your thing. If you don't see a library in your favourite language, why not start one? The API documentation is on our wiki.

We have an android app (source code), a python probe and a Raspberry Pi image set up to run OONI-probe. We would love people to install, test, and hack on these.

You are welcome to submit issues or pull requests against any of the repositories.

Interpretation of results

How does a probe know whether the response it receives to a HTTP request is the right resource or a message saying the page is blocked? Can we interpret blocking categories automatically? How can we make sense of the data we're collecting it and use it to achieve our goals? If these sound like interesting discussions you should join our mailing list and share your thoughts with us.

We also need people to work on extracting, transforming and displaying the data we collect. We don't have any code to do this at the moment, but if you'd like to help out in this area, introduce yourself on the list and hit us up with your ideas. You can download a snapshot of the data from 29 June 2014, or grab the data nightly from


You can contribute documentation or translations for any software component or the website itself. Most areas are undocumented however the API has reasonable documentation on the wiki. You can either create wiki pages or github pull requests with any content you write.


Website development

If web design is your passion we'd love your help tweaking and expanding the new site. We're particularly interested in hearing from people with Modx, PHP, bootstrap and javascript experience. You can view the latest template design on github. Please raise issues for any problems or suggestions you might have. Pull requests that fix issues or implement new features will be received gratefully!


If you find a bug on the site, or if you want to make a suggestion or comment, you can raise an issue on github. Please raise one issue per bug / comment / suggestion so they can be worked on separately.

You can also download and test the android app. Report bugs either via the Android interface or by raising issues on github.

Lepidopter, the OONI probe image for Raspberry Pi, is also ready for testing. You can download the scripts to build the image from ORG's fork of the lepidopter github repository. Again, we're using github issues to collect reports of any problems you find or suggestions for improvements.

Any data you collect during these tests will help fill our database with results - which will help with other aspects of the project.


We want to start translating Blocked so that non-English speakers in the UK, and around the world, can access the site and the tool. If your native tongue is something other than English please consider helping us translate Blocked into that language. Why not join our mailing list and say hello? (In English, please!)