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Maureen Shaw, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, sherights.com

“In theory, web filtering sounds like a brilliant way to protect children or vulnerable populations from predators and harmful content, such as hate speech and pro-anorexia sites (to name a few). However, it's not that black-and-white; filtering begs the question of what, exactly, is harmful, to whom, and who is given the power to grant or deny access to information.

“In the case of sherights.com, the effect of filtering boils down to advertising revenue, which is based on site visitors. If people who would normally be interested in accessing our content - which focuses on reproductive healthcare, violence against women and LGBT rights - are not able to view the site, it directly impacts our bottom line. But, more than that, we are concerned with the message that blocking our site sends: that pro-woman, pro-equality, pro-human rights subject matter is somehow offensive, inappropriate or otherwise problematic.

“Our articles, while certainly bolstered by strong opinions, are written with careful analysis and an eye towards promoting gender equality. There is no reason why adolescents shouldn't visit sherights.com. If anything, we encourage youth to engage with our content - whether they agree with it or not.”

www.sherights.com was blocked on TalkTalk in April 2014

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