Report Blocked Sites

Mainstream Internet Service Providers are creating filters for every UK home. This will create problems for website owners and users as sites are classified incorrectly. You can report suspected blocks on TalkTalk and BT networks.

Mobile operators censor the mobile Internet to stop children accessing adult material. But often the wrong websites are blocked. Use this form to tell us when a site is incorrectly blocked.

You can also help us develop this tool to check blocks automatically

Note: Please don't report anything "blocked" by O2's "Parental Controls", but allowed under "Default Safety" - almost all internet sites are listed as blocked by the "Parental Controls" profile. Let us know if a site should be whitelisted.

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Please note that this form submits the report to Open Rights Group, which helps us monitor mistakes. However, we cannot get mistaken blocks fixed. You should also complain to your mobile operator about the mistaken block - we've put together a guide on how to do this based on what the mobile networks have told us.