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Unblock a site

Here's information about how to report problems to the networks we monitor. We've listed general contact information where we don't have complete details.

Please help us improve the information on this page. Please contact us if you've come across censorship on another home broadband or mobile network, or if you've tried to get a site unblocked and either succeeded or failed.

Home Broadband Networks

The four ISPs offer a service to check URLs via their internetmatters campaign. They say: “If you're an individual site owner and you would like to check the status of your site across BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media's network filter settings, you can email us at Please include details of the URL of your site, your name and company name, if relevant.” Internet Matters will tell you if a site is being blocked but you will need to contact ISPs directly if you want to get it unblocked.

Andrews & Arnold

Our sponsors Andrews & Arnold only provide unfiltered internet connections so you should never need to contact them about a blocked page. If you're having trouble accessing a site, though, their technical support page explains how to get in touch with them.


Sites that are incorrectly blocked by BT Parental Controls can be reported to them via More information can be found on the BT Parental Controls help pages.


In early 2014 Plusnet said they're "aiming to have a [network-level filtering] solution in place in 2014." They have a contact page however it isn't obvious how a non-customer can make a complaint.


Sites blocked incorrectly by Sky Broadband Shield can be reported to Their troubleshooting guide has more information.


TalkTalk say they will add websites to blocked categories if a customer asks them to - and if their "panel of online experts" agree. They don't say whether this works the other way round. TalkTalk have said on Twitter that customers can mail concerns about incorrect filtering to We couldn't find any information on how a non-customer, such as a website owner, can complain about a wrongly-blocked site though. Here's TalkTalk's contact page.

Virgin Media

Sites blocked incorrectly by Virgin Media's Child Safe product can be reported to There's more information in this thread on their community forum.

Mobile networks

If you do not receive an answer from a mobile company about a block, or they give you an unsatisfactory answer, you can complain to the British Board of Film Classification who are now responsible for adjudicating complaints about mobile content blocks. Their policy, agreed with the mobile operators, is to align the companies' blocking policies with BBFC guidelines for 18-rated content. This means much of the content previously blocked by mobile companies should be unblocked. They have a form for complaints. You should ask the mobile operator first though.


Everything Everywhere have set up an email address to receive reports of misclassification by their Content Lock product. This address can also be used to report problems with Orange Safeguard and T-Mobile Content Lock. More information is available on their website.


Blocks can be confirmed on O2's own URL checker. Requests for review of their classification should be mailed to


Three ask people to email to report both sites that have been blocked in error and sites that aren't blocked, but should be. They promise to acknowledge the email within 24 hours.


For the moment, Vodafone have asked that these requests go to this email address. They are planning to have a more specific address available soon. They also have a complaints page.