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  • ISP: TalkTalk
  • Status: unresolved (open)
  • Does not match ISP policy
  • Year: 2018
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There is nothing pornographic on my website. 444 - - [13/Mar/2018:21:32:26 +0000] "GET /fg.htm HTTP/1.1" 0 "-" "OrgProbe/2.0.0 (+http://www.blocked.org.uk)" "" Go ahead and check www.lazygranch.com/fg.htm The problem is as recode old web pages, I have changed to .html rather than .htm. So I am redirecting to my own website. That is fg.htm redirects to fg.html. This is better than having dead links.

TalkTalk Kidsafe View site report 14 March, 2018 at 02:40 Blocked

The question is: Why is the site blocked in the first place? This site is NOT pornographic, does NOT recommend irresponsible sexual behaviour. This site warns against and about getting involved in an abusive relationship. This site describes relationships as lifelong commitments over time. Talktalk Kidsafe could maybe benefit from the information on abusive relationships (http://www.agape-aid.org/abusiverelationships/emotionally-abusive-relationships.php) Please unblock, Vic Magnet

TalkTalk Kidsafe View site report 06 February, 2018 at 11:37 Blocked

This site's main purpose is to advertise customer deals and special offers from companies such as retailers, travel & tour operators and the like. At no point has it knowingly had anything on there which could be identified as adult related content. All advertisements and deals are vetted by humans prior to being published on the web site. I would be extremely grateful if you could: Inform me of anything on there which you think is adult Unblock the site and remove it from your list of blocked site More than happy to answers any questions or take any actions to help rectify this situation.

TalkTalk Kidsafe View site report 15 January, 2018 at 14:36 Blocked

I wish to unblock this site as I enjoy using this VPN server as it offer fast secure speed without compromising quality.

TalkTalk Kidsafe View site report 14 January, 2018 at 13:40 Blocked

Wedding videos.

TalkTalk Kidsafe View site report 12 January, 2018 at 19:00 Blocked

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