Complain to your Mobile Operator

You can complain about website blocks directly to your mobile operator. One of the recommendations of our report on mobile Internet censorship was that networks need to improve how mistaken blocks can be reported and fixed. The mobile networks have told us they are working on improving the way that these reports can be made. This is the latest information we have from them. If you are trying to contact the operators to get your site unblocked, here's what the networks offer at the moment:


Everything Everywhere have set up an email address that will be directed to the 'Safeguard Product Manager', who will handle reports of misclassification. This can be used for reports relating to both Orange and T-Mobile. You can also contact Orange via this page.


For the moment, Vodafone have asked that these requests go to this email address. They are planning to have a more specific address available soon. They also have a complaints page


O2 have a useful URL checker, which allows people to check sites' classification - it tells you whether and why a site is blocked - and allows people to report if they consider the site to be classified incorrectly. They also suggest letting them know via Twitter (@O2) or through their online forums ( They also give fuller advice on their blog.


See Orange above. T-Mobile also have a complaint form


Three told us their official position at the moment is: "if a Three customer believes a website is being incorrectly blocked then they should call our Customer Services team. We are currently reviewing how best customers can contact us to report these concerns." They are working on improving the reporting mechanism. They have a complaints form


Virgin have a contact page


If you've experienced blocking on another mobile network, please let us know